Glow helps deliver high impact through manufacturing oriented design processes, in-house environmental screening, and certification, and infrastructure and manufacturing tie-ups to provide unique concept-to-manufacture solutions which have a significant impact on mitigating risk and improving time-to-market of components through automotive technology


At GLOW, we focus our capabilities and extensive facilities to help you overcome the challenges of today and the anticipated challenges of tomorrow, which include:

  • Integrated product engineering:  Over a decade’s experience in hardware design, PCB board design, VLSI design, ASIC & FPGA design, firmware, RTOS and OS, protocols, electronics packaging, and value added services. Glow provides concept-to-manufacture services which include idea generation, design, and development, prototyping, active product support, and end-of-life product support.
  • Systems exposure: Our engineers have systems exposure in power systems, hydraulic systems, and environmental systems.
  • Centers of Excellence: Glow has CoEs for RF, automated test equipment, imaging, and Android, Embedded Windows, with experience in RF and antenna design (700 MHz to 5.4 GHz).Vendor collaboration: Glow has experience building tools, technologies, and platform and prototype development with Microsoft, Intel, IBM and TI infrastructure.


Developing cutting-edge products and platforms and taking them to market in an accelerated time frame

Domain-centric approach in building competencies in next-generation technologies like connected cars, NFC, and V2V communications

Embedded systems: services in advanced driver assistance systems, active safety, body electronics, instrument clusters, powertrain, electric and hybrid, and telematics.

Engineering design: services in body/exterior, chassis, suspension and brakes, CAD/CAM/CAE, engine compartment, HVAC, interiors, powertrain, reliability engineering, technical publications, and value analysis and value engineering.

Hardware capabilities: in board and system design, reliability engineering, FPGA/ASIC design, verification, and validation, and value-added services


Glows automotive engineering embedded software services are built around expertise in areas such as powertrain, body, and chassis.


Glow offers services in hybrid powertrain simulation, rapid prototyping – vehicle controller, battery management system and power distribution units. We have been involved in algorithm enhancement,  on/off board diagnostics for car subsystems (powertrain control module, transmission control module, battery management). Glow accelerates development by providing rapid prototyping of  vehicle controllers, which maintain vehicle traction by monitoring and controlling the movement of vehicles.

Body and Chassis

Glow designs and develops various body electronics subsystems in areas like end-to-end development of HVAC unit and steering angle sensors. Glow develops the interiors and exteriors and provides engineering design, testing, and analysis of the automotive body unit.  Remote keyless entry, tire pressure monitoring, and power running board are other areas in body electronics where Glow has gained expertise.

Glow’s capabilities in powertrain include engine modeling, test platform development, rapid prototyping, and porting.